The last days at the country side of Mongolia we spent at the most beautiful places. We visited the red cliffs just when the sun set, we camped next to a river on a wide open space and we slept next to a lake in a valley. The last days were the heaviest, because we all weren't feeling too well. My allergic reaction to the mosquito bites made it so that my blood couldn't flow freely anymore. But we had just started the part of our trip where there was no phone connection and no other type of transport than a horse and it would take us at least three days to get to the next village. And so we started our trip.

We walked for hours and after arriving at the lake we all just jumped in with our clothes, because we couldn't be bothered to put on our swimsuits because it was so hot. And in the evening we set up our tent and we roasted marshmallows around the bonfire. We walked through big piles of rocks and were greeted by yaks, we rode horses over steef cliffs and we were shown the best place on top of a mountain by five little nomad girls. The girls were dirty from all the sand and water and had scratches on their faces and knees. Because they didn't sit inside watching TV, since they were too busy jumping in rivers and playing hide and seek behind the animals. And then when we left, those girls just stayed there, in a country so different from what I am used to, so harsh and yet so beautiful, so uncultivated and yet so accessible for the people that live there. Far from what we'd say is the normal world. And I decided that for some it could be nightmare, but for the ones that don't mind to get dirty, it could be close to heaven on earth.